Typing Techniques

Keyboarding skills are important. Not only will it save you time, but it looks pretty cool to see someone whip away at all those keys with precision. The better you are at the keyboard, the better you are able to use it as a tool. Tha is, until someone invents a computer that will automatically read your thoughts. (Mr. Grafton mental note: invent a computer that will automatically read peoples' thoughts... sell it for a bunch of money.)

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We will be using this program when I need to test your skills. Feel free to practice at home.
Check out these great games!
Like Pac-Man, but with keyboards!
Type as the music plays! How high is your score?

Cup Stacking Typing
Just type the letters to get the cups stacked up! Don't knock the stack over.

How fast can you type the entire alphabet? This site will check your time. Race against yourself.

Just when you thought it was safe to take your keyboard in the water.... Type the words before the sharks get you

Catch the Blue spheres alone! But look out! If you hit a key that has green or red balls, you won't get the points.

Mouse Control

How well do you control your mouse?  (The computer kind, not the cute cuddly little varmits that eat cheese.)  The following games will help you hone your skills with moving the mouse carefully.

String Avoider
Don't let the string touch the walls of the maze!

Track the right color with your mouse

Bounce the crazy ball into the basket.  Don't forget about angles!

Keep your mouse on the ball!

An amazing game!  Defend your base by bouncing your ammo off of the oncoming circles.

Don't let the ring touch the red wire, or.....KABOOM!